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Block zappers 4 Block zappers 4

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Literally, in every of your game, when you click the load, you get some medals and unlimited cash. Not that I'm complaining, because I'm not really fond of these games, but it feels weird.

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Wooooooooooooooooooo responds:


Waterwords Waterwords

Rated 0 / 5 stars

medals are not working. fix it, or remove it.

Whack The Trump Game Whack The Trump Game

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I would give it 5, but then you said about not hitting merkel, so fuck this shit.

Space Defender Space Defender

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I did this. 8 hours of torture and I have the medal for hard achievements.

For starters, everything that Fioresa says is WRONG. You get penalty for EVERY hit, no forgiveness, no fuck-ups whatsoever allowed.

Let me tell you something. The game starts pretty cool. It's hard, but you can get better and improve yourself. Basically, the first 7 levels are doable in 30 minutes.

Then comes level 8. It will take you over an hour to beat that level (but only because of the last wave with vice-boss).

Then, it will take you 2 more hours to beat level 9. The constant spam of the white shits is more than annoying. But eventually, you upgrade yourself enough to beat it (hopefully - for you). Then, if you hate yourself enough, you can, like me, try to beat these levels without getting hit. And that will take you minimum 5 hours, if not more (depends on your determination and stubborness, mine is pretty high). As a matter of fact, the only thing that will actually stop you from getting the last medal, will be the constant spam of the small ships, who are very fast and kamikaze-like.

So remember, if you feel like punching a wall during that game, you were warned! It's not for easily frustrated (unless like me, you are fueled by anger).

Frankly, I wish I would give you some useful hint for getting the achievements.
For level 8, it's important to have high damage, high automatic damage, and mulitply critical. For level 9, it's mostly damage, multiply critical, and speed powerup. All really highly upgraded. Plus some luck - if you are surrounded from both sides by white shitps, you can very well restart. Every other upgrade will also bring you closer to the goal, albeit it will be very small steps.

As you can see, the author of the game made a very cliche mistake - he artifically extended the gameplay, by making the last 2 levels doable after grinding, and barely achievable, no matter the grinding. For that alone I was thinking of giving it zero to be honest, and frankly, I don't really know why I didn't. I must be getting really soft. Or maybe I see a potential, despite the game being quite generic.

What could be done to improve the game:
-cheaper higher upgrades
-automatic turn-on of powerups (at least for fast shooting)
-much less grinding
-less little ships in level 8 (last 5 waves)
-slightly less white ships in level 9
-more efficient auto-damage (it didn't do shit in the final waves of level 8. and did no damage whatsoever in level 9)
or maybe, a more forgiving rating required for 3 stars that allows a fuck-up?

I might sound harsh, but once you play this game, you will say that I was being extremely polite.
Goddamn I am tired.

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Crystal Treasures Crystal Treasures

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A nice showcase of your talent, if not a modest one. I give you 5 not because it deserves 5, but because I want to encourage you into making more games, and better games. I already PMed some bugs, and if anything, it would be nice if there was "level select" option, and maybe you should add some ending. After getting the final gem, the character very well can kill himself, because there are no final doors, and no final "congratulations! you won the game" screen.

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Samurai Rebellion Samurai Rebellion

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty lovely and clever game. Hard, challenging, but awesome. I really love the graphics, they are just pure brilliancy.

The Blind Swordsman The Blind Swordsman

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I didn't want to write a review for this, because you are an asshole, who insults those who criticize your games, and the last thing I wanted, was to give you a sense of satisfaction that I raged because of your game. But I really have to say it: this game fucking sucks.

Maybe I am "retarded", maybe I suck at playing games (obviously, my humble medal collection confirms it), but this game really, fucking, sucks. Sure, there are plenty of ass-kissers who consider this a masterpiece, but I never wanted to be a part of any circle jerking. It's kinda funny, because I really like your other games, but this one... it's really bizarre, how bad this game is. Like someone else made it. But enough of that let's get to the main problem with this game.

The attacks / parry are really short, therefore the proper timing is counter-intuitive. I mean let's see: I parry the attack (if I'm lucky), he quickly turns around and strikes me, before I have a chance to turn around and parry it. The bastard strikes you from the left, center, right, randomly, and you cannot really feel it, because his movements are spastic. You know, level 1 should be kinda easy, so the player would have some learning curve, instead of "nope, you're doing it WRONG, you retard". Another problem with the sound is how annoying the differences between the volumes are. When it's silent, it's barely audible, but when it's loud, it's an ear-raping noise. Especially annoying are the death screams. They are too over-the-top.

Last but not least: I don't really want any reply from you, nor some "brilliant / witty" response of yours. It's shitty enough that I bothered to write up something that will not matter anyway.

Evil-Dog responds:

Didn't read all of it, make a game that fucking sucks with a decent score like this game has and then you have my attention. I don't insult people who criticize my games, I insult morons who do it like you did with the dipshit entitled attitude, who put insults and jabs before they share their opinion of my work.

No Hexy No Hexy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

"Humankind was a mistake"
- God, 2017

The game felt like some good ole indoctrination into some satanic cult. That slow, tortured movement, that ominous music, the "nobody understands me" attitude. I won't lie, I liked it, it was kinda funny. I laughed during the moment, when he kicked that ball too far.

It's true that people wear masks. They do, because it helps them exploit others easier. Just like in your game, the hexagon changed into triangle / square, to get into the secret meeting of squares / triangles. Sneaky, but clever. It was also really weird that his friend at the end changed into the toilet (or was it something else?)

The only negative thing I can say about this game, is that in the end, the experience felt kinda boring and tedious. But otherwise, it's okay. I also feel, like you forgot to make your point across more clearly, but maybe that's what you wanted, so I don't judge that.

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Fafri responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :) The game just want to tell the story of Hexy, that can be compared to any real story of a victim of bullism or racism. The slow movement and the atmosphere in general try to replicate the "difficulty" that those people can have.

Super Batter Up! Challenge Super Batter Up! Challenge

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really liked it. It was frustrating, but manageable. Judging from the easter eggs, you must be a fan of Lucasarts. Well, me too. Thankfully, I didn't have any problems, it worked well.

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CidadeAP responds:

Yeah we grew up playing the Lucas Arts classics, nice catch! Thanks for playing im glad it worked well for you. Cheers

Earthlings Earthlings

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Fucking awful. If you had any decency, you would delete it.
But since you will not do it, nope, instead you added medals, because you'd rather force players to play your shitty game, rather than make them WANT to play your game...

Anyway, the controls are awful. The hitbox is awful. Jumping is awful. Upgrade system - I don't know what I'm upgrading - am I supposed to guess it based on the picture? Levels are really badly made - it's looks like some platforms with no challenge, no thought, no anything. Just made for the sake of making. Enemies are dumb, no skill, just jumping on them, or shooting on them. I can go on and on, but nobody will read this, because anyone who will play it, will actually be much harsher than I was.

There is literally no saving grace to this crap. The problem is that you were allowed to add medals, and now, this is seriously a problem. It's the thing that should not be. Your game is a perfect example that medals should be allowed only for elite gamemakers, not plebs.